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Our Activities

We encourage our students in both outdoor and indoor Activities. All facilities are provided to make every child to participate in their choice.

Our Activities


Ever wonder how to get your kids singing in tune? There are plenty of free and easy-to-follow techniques and activities you can start right away!

Arts & Crafts

Here's an arts and crafts activity for kids, build brick buildings with homemade mud bricks made from dirt and water. Forget markers or crayons

Festivals and Celebrations

We believes in celebrating various festivals, cultures and ethnicity. India is one of the most diverse nations in the world, having different religions and their festivals.
Ninos Nest Pre-school & Day care Mysore
Ninos Nest Pre-school & Day care Mysore

Dance and Dramatics

Children’s creative abilities are explored through their ideas, curiosity and feelings towards the movement, music and imaginative play.

Music & Movements

Help your child develop language and gross motor skills through the Music and Movement class, Children can join our Creative Music Classes at any stage from birth to Primary age.

Field Trip & Excursions

Field trips give children educational experiences away from their regular school environment. Children visiting different educational facilities learn in a more hands-on and interactive manner..

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